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About Pilatus Aircraft

Pilatus aircraft

Let me tell you about an experience that strays from the norm - flying with Pilatus. A quirky little aviation company that took off in Switzerland in 1939, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd has been soaring the skies with a reputation almost as high as their cruising altitude. It's a love story, really. Pilatus fell head over heels for reliability, top-tier performance, and remarkable versatility, and they've never looked back.

Now, let's talk about their dashing offspring, the PC-24 Jet and the PC-12 NGX. If aircraft were pieces of art, these two would hang in the Louvre. The PC-24, affectionately dubbed as the "Super Versatile Jet", didn't get its name from a boring marketing meeting. This bird can land on grass or gravel, looking as suave as James Bond while doing so. It's a private jet with the heart of an off-roader and the spirit of an explorer. Pretty neat, right?

But don't forget about the PC-12 NGX. This single-engine turboprop aircraft is the Swiss Army knife of the skies, a real jack-of-all-trades. It's been the world's best-selling turboprop aircraft in its class for several years, and for good reason. Imagine the comfort of a luxury SUV, the fuel efficiency of a compact car, and the speed of a sports car, all rolled into one. That's the PC-12 NGX for you.

Pilatus isn't just making airplanes, they're sculpting airborne experiences. They've cracked the code, creating a magical concoction of performance, reliability, and comfort. It's not just about getting from A to B, it's about the journey...and perhaps taking a detour through C, D, and E along the way.

The Ticking Clock of Industry Demand

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It's no secret that global travel is expanding at an exponential rate. The soaring demand for qualified pilots has created an industry-wide pressure that continues to escalate. The clock is ticking, and within the next two decades, the aviation industry will require an astounding 600,000 pilots to meet the burgeoning demands of commercial aviation, cargo transportation, and private charter flights.

The question is not 'if' but 'when' the need will outpace the supply. As timelines narrow and demand intensifies, it's clear that now is the moment to secure reliable, experienced pilots to safeguard your aviation needs. And this is where NorthWest Aero, LLC stands as your beacon of hope.

We are home to professionally trained contract pilots, ready and able to step into the breach. Our pilots are not just aviation enthusiasts, they are masters of the Pilatus PC-12, providing safety, efficiency, and reliability on every flight. Amidst an uncertain future, we are your certain solution. Don't let time slip away - secure your future in aviation with NorthWest Aero, LLC today.

Our Comprehensive Services

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At NorthWest Aero, LLC, we offer an array of comprehensive services tailored to your unique aviation needs. We excel in providing expert contract pilot services, focusing primarily on the operation of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. Our pilots are extensively trained in every facet of flight operations, from pre-flight planning, in-flight management, to meticulous post-flight procedures.

But our commitment to you goes beyond providing pilots. We understand that owning and managing an aircraft can be a complex and time-consuming task. That's why we also offer top-tier aircraft management services. Whether it's maintenance coordination, compliance with safety regulations, or logistical planning, we manage the minutiae so you can concentrate on what's essential to you. With NorthWest Aero, LLC, rest assured your aviation needs are in capable and dedicated hands.

A Clear View of Our Pricing

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Transparency in pricing is not just a buzzword at NorthWest Aero, LLC, it is a core principle. We believe in giving our clients a straightforward understanding of costs, saving them from the usual jargon and unexpected surprises. So, let's talk pricing:

For our Pilatus PC12 NGX pilots, we charge a day rate of $2500. If you require the superior services of our PC24 Jet pilots, the day rate is set at $4000. Remember, this price reflects not just a highly skilled pilot, but also an enthusiast who operates each aircraft with expertise, passion, and utmost safety.

Additional costs that might be incurred as part of the mission include Per Diem, expenses such as hotel costs, rental cars, and other unforeseen costs. We ensure these are communicated clearly and promptly to avoid any surprises.

Our aircraft management service is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify your aviation operations. The annual cost starts at $300,000 for the PC12 NGX and $500,000 for the PC24 Jet. As per FAA guidelines and our commitment to professionalism, we operate the PC12 NGX with a single pilot and the PC24 with a dual pilot setup, ensuring the highest safety standards in compliance with FAR part 91 and FAR part 135 operations.

Again, transparency is key, so we let you know upfront that additional fees may arise due to maintenance, parking, operations outside of the contract like overnights at airports, landing fees, or consumables, etc. Any operations outside the standard management contract or requests for different pilot profiles will understandably increase these rates.

In a complex industry, we strive to keep it simple and straightforward. With NorthWest Aero, LLC, what you see is indeed what you get. We're here to help you navigate the skies with ease and predictability.

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